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MAXIENDURO 1.0   2021

Novara Hills (NO)   21/02/21

In the spectacular scenery of the former Novarese brick kiln, immersed in the fields, there is the equipped area that will host the first event of the year 2021.


The meeting point of the event will be the former Novarese brick kiln , where it will be possible to leave cars, vans and trolleys.

Once the registration procedure has been completed, there is the possibility of carrying out the PROLOGUE  which will be used to determine the choice of the route (Easy or Medium / Difficult).

In order to take part in the Medium / Difficult lap, the choice will be made exclusively by the organization that will evaluate: lap time, bike and type of tires.


The PROLOGUE is not compulsory and not even a race, it is a moment of fun that evokes the procedure of the Rally events.

At the end of the prologue, we will then leave for a lap of about 70/90 km, designed to allow all participants to have fun riding their Maxienduro.

The adventure will be immortalized by SasaPlanet  who will make a real report of the day.

The shots will then be sent to you in high resolution!


Returning from the tour we will have lunch at the former furnace, afterwards it will be possible to explore the immense private area along the paths that characterize it.


Different areas will be set up where you can practice driving technique exercises (rings, narrow paths, climbs and obstacles), followed by the Instructor Marco Iob who will be available for any technical driving advice.


Maxienduro 1.0 Colline Novaresi is an opportunity to get back on the saddle after a long period of inactivity, a day full of fun and sharing our passion.



- Tour / course

- Photoshoot

- Lunch


Registration fee: € 100.00

Possibility to rent single-cylinder motorcycles: + € 120.00 


In case of bad weather the event will be postponed to the following weekend.

The refund of the registration fee will be refunded in case of cancellation of the event or for reasons related to Covid-19.

How to register:

Update 14/02/2021 - EVENT CONFIRMED

All those residing in Piedmont or anyone in possession of the "suitable requirements" will be able to participate

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Anyone intending to participate on Sunday 21 February must necessarily follow the procedure listed below.


For all those who will not be able to participate, we are planning a second edition that will take place as soon as the regulations allow it.

1. Fill out the registration form you will find on this page.

2. Execute the  pre-registration payment of € 50.00 to the following iban:


​    _cc781905-5cde-3194-bbus3buro-136Badale (name Maxi58-136)

      Registered to: J&M Racing Team

3. Send the payment receipt to the following e-mail:

4. You will receive the confirmation e-mail with the program of the day. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!

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