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How can I book a lesson / course?

The fastest way to book a course is to call 392.4318425, together we will find the solution that best suits your needs.

What days is school open?

The school is open every day, the group courses take place mainly on weekends.

Individual lessons  can be booked directly by contacting us.

Is it possible to enroll in a course if you do not have your own motorbike?

Yes, of course, it is possible to use the school's bikes, not only that, we will provide you with all the technical equipment suitable for practicing off-road safely, ask for info and details by E-mail, writing in the FORM below or call us.

What documents are required to participate?

To participate in our courses the first step is to register (you will find the form in the "documents" section).

send us by e-mail or bring the completed and signed form with you on the day of the lesson together with a copy of the identity card and tax code.

It is mandatory to have a valid non-competitive sports medical certificate.

I would like to register my child, he has no experience with motorcycles, he does not have any and does not have the appropriate clothing, is it possible to participate anyway?

Absolutely yes, the courses are specially designed to allow children aged 6 and up to be able to approach the world of motorcycles with complete calm.

We have bikes for every age (single-speed or geared) of different sizes in order to find the most suitable for every situation.

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