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MAXIENDURO 3.0   2021

Monferrato (AL) 24/25 April 2021 

In the spectacular scenery of Monferrato, from the Locanda Arzente a TOUR on the trail of the MONSTERRATO is organized entirely dedicated to MAXIENDUROS.


Before leaving for the Tour, on Saturday and Sunday morning,   there will be a mini-course of about 2 hours where you can learn the correct driving techniques to tackle the route in the best possible way.


9.00 Meeting, Registration and Briefing

10.00 am start of the Offroad driving techniques lesson

12.00 Departure for the tour

1.30 pm Lunch

5.00 pm Arrival at the inn


The route will be about 150 km round trip

Dinner at the farmhouse.


From 7.00 am Breakfast

9.00 am Beginning of the Offroad driving techniques lesson

11.00 am Departure for the tour

1.00 pm Lunch break

16.00 Arrival at the Locanda, debriefing and greetings.

During the two-day journey, the best moments will be immortalized, with us we will have Sasaplanet who, in addition to being an expert motorcycle traveler, will also be the official photographer of the event

The package includes:

- Course / Tour + photo shoot

- Overnight (Saturday)

- Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday

- Saturday dinner


Registration fee: € 300

Registration fee with rented motorcycles: € 600

Optional arrival day before and / or departure day after (nights to be quoted separately)

Family apartments available

How to register:

Fill in the registration form and wait for the confirmation message .

The registration fee will be paid on site in the morning . 

The complete and detailed program will be sent via Email. 

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